My Fees

Perth Real Estate Agent Fees for Selling Your Home

I provide a choice of two fee structures

Percentage Commission Rate

One is based on the standard percentage of the value of the property.  I have tiers based on the overall price bracket your property is in.  This will range around 3%.  If you have  a 10 million dollar property the rate percentage-wise is less than compared to a $300,000 property.

Remember the real value in an estate agent is their negotiating ability with the prospective buyer.  A cheap real estate agent may be cheaper on their fee to win business and also cheap on discounting your property to get an easy sale.

Book in a free no obligation appraisal from me and you will have a very good idea of what your property is worth and what I believe I can realistically sell it for.  I do substantial research every time to back up my recommendations.

Quick Sale – Low Fee Rate

Our other fee structure is based on a capped fee and the sooner I sell your property the less you pay as there is less time involved from my side.  This is good for you in a hot market, but even if the property takes the average time frame you pay no more than the maximum capped rate.

Marketing Budget – Signs, Photographer, Web Site, Print and Press

A marketing budget can be anywhere from $500 – $20,000 but a good average to budget for is $1800 which covers signage, professional photography, press advertising, web advertising, and print materials.

NOTE: Anything not spent on marketing is refunded to you.  For example, if you deposit $1800 for marketing and we sell in the first few weeks and so no further budget is required for paper adverts then we refund you the unspent portion.

Give me a call on my mobile 0419 428 095 and I will explain in more detail.



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